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The Nano Symposium

The Passion for Science Nano Symposium is open to all interested in the current status of nanoscience research.

Poster Nano Symposium

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Our distinguished keynote speakers, Professor Dr. Virginijus Šikšnys - Kavli Prize winner 2018 for the invention of CRISPR-Cas9, a nano-tool for editing DNA - , and Professor Dr. Thomas Ebbesen - Kavli Prize winner 2014 for transformative contributions to the field of nano-optics - present  examples from their research.

Also, young nano scientists present a variety of topics showing the high quality and broad coverage within nanoscience research at The University of Bergen.

We welcome students, PhD candidates, young researchers, senior faculty staff, administration, collaboration partners and the public audience to take part in this exciting symposium about nanoscience.


13.15 Welcome to The Nano Symposium 
Dean at The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Helge K. Dahle
13.25Keynote Speech:
The Alchemy of Vacuum.
Kavli Prize Laureate in Nanoscience 2014, Professor Dr. Thomas W. Ebbesen, USIAS & ISIS, University of Strasbourg, France  
14.10 Break with refreshments  
14.25Chair Professor Bodil Holst:
Presentation of the young nano researchers selected to give symposium talks 
14.30Associate Professor PhD Mali Husby Rosnes, Department of Chemistry:
Catalysts for the Conversion of Biorenewable Epoxides into Polycarbonates.
14.45Postdoctor PhD Martin M. Greve, Department of Physics and Technology:
Work Function Driven Hot Electron Extraction from Metallic Nanowires.
15.00Researcher PhD Ivan Rios-Mondragon, Department of Clinical Dentistry:
Microfluidic-based Biomimetic Models for Therapeutic and Hazard Risk Assessment of Manufactured Nanomaterials.

Researcher PhD Ranveig Flatabø, Department of Physics and Technology:
Atom Sieve for Nanometer Resolution Neutral Helium Microscopy.

15.30Break with refreshments 
16.00Chair Professor Øyvind Halskau:
Welcome back
16.05Keynote Speech
CRISPR-Cas: From Antiviral Defense to Genome Editing and Beyond
Kavli Prize Laureate in Nanoscience 2018, Professor Dr. Virginijus Šikšnys, Institute of Biotechnology, Vilnius University, Lithuania  
16.50Chair Professor Øyvind Halskau: Summary