The functionality of the criminal justice system

Sanctioning Domestic Violence: Problems and Solutions (article project)

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This project aims at an interdisciplinary study of the field of domestic violence.

The more specific aim is to combine a legal dogmatic study of the regulation of domestic violence in Norwegian criminal law – with specific focus on Strl. § 219 – with a study of the specific social and psychological problems that surrounds this type of crime. The focus is primarily on the sanction side of the criminal law, and on the different kinds of argument that steer (or should steer) the choice of the level and art of legal sanctions, and the sentencing system more generally. The core questions are to what extent the current regulations integrate empirical knowledge about the relation between crime and punishment in the particular case of domestic violence, and to what extent it should. In the end this topic, concerns the status of the more principled requirements of the criminal law, such as for instance, requirements of proportionality and just desert.

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