The functionality of the criminal justice system

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The primary function of the criminal justice system is to secure crime prevention and crime control, within certain limitations of legal certainty and rights protection. In order to contribute to these general functions, the different actors of the system have different roles and specific tasks.  However, today many of the core actors of the system experience difficulties in the fulfillment of their formal tasks. For instance, the police and the prosecutor struggle with securing a sufficient degree of crime disclosure. These kinds of problems are serious as they points towards an, at least partly, dysfunction of the criminal justice system.

In this context, the research programme ‘Functionality of the criminal justice system’ explores the functional dimension of the criminal justice system – with special focus on the areas of police law and criminal procedure. It explores the relation between the system’s legal framework and its ability to perform given aims, tasks or functions – such as the police’s task of efficient crime prevention. The aim is to contribute to a deeper understanding of the functional premises of different (legal) norms, concepts and institutional solutions of the system, and also to a deeper understanding of the system as a (functioning) whole.

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