Bergen Tectonics and Thermochronology


ESM: Earth System Modelling, Thermochronology part: Thermochronology and geomorphic evolution of the Hardangerfjord area and the Southern Scandes

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The main aim of this project is to link erosion, sedimentation and provenance to pre-existing structures such as the Hardangerfjord Shear Zone (HSZ) and the evolution of the North Sea margin. This part of the ESM-project contributes to reconstruct the low-temperature thermal history of the western Norwegian passive continental margin between the Hardangerfjord and the Sognefjord by means of fission track dating and (U-Th)/He analysis. The obtained thermal history models can hence be utilised to estimate the amount of eroded material and link it to offshore sediments in front of those two large fjord systems. Low-temperature thermochronology of offshore sediments is also applied to study their provenance history in combination with U-Pb provenance analyses. Furthermore, we study how the HSZ could have influenced the thermal history around the Hardangerfjord and if it has been reactivated and influenced the reactivation of various fault systems nearby. Comparative studies of such orogen – passive margin systems are planned in Africa and South America.

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Researchers: Friederike BauerJoachim Jacobs, Anna Ksienzyk, Fabian Kohlmann


Funding: ESM