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Alternatives lab at Dyreavdelingen

Spend some time in our AltLab to get more training in handling and procedures! The use is free of charge

Alternatives to animal use

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At our AltLab (Alternatives lab for work with lab animal models) you can find models that can replace use of live animals for training and education.

  • The KOKEN-rat is useful for learning intubation and blood sampling. The tail is full of ”blood” and makes the experience realistic. The Pro-Set rat model shows rat anatomy and is good for dissecting training.
  • The Squeekums rat helps you to deal with any rat phobia, and to train on handling techniques and ear tagging.
  • ”Minor Skin Procedures” helps you to practice on some surgical techniques.
  • In the MD-PVC-MODEL film you can see about 25 different surgery techniques like transplantation of veins and organs and injections.

The Altlab also works as a library for selected DVDs, like: Endotracheal Intubation, Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia, Surgery and Perioperative Care, Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia: Rat & Mouse, Experimental Design, Human Endpoint, and a few brochures on the subject alternatives to the use of laboratory animals.

We recommend the Altlab particularly to new technicians, PhDs and other students who have little experience with laboratory animals.

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