Biorecognition wins HSE prize

During this years Health, Security, and Environment (HSE) meeting the Biorecognition group was awarded with the HSE prize for its contribtions.

The frontpage of the Biorecognition wiki
The frontpage of the Biorecognition wiki

Main content

To improve the HSE at the department the HSE committee asked all the research groups at the department discuss possible HSE problems and implement measures to improve these in the group. The work was to be presented at the annual HSE day. The best presentation would be financially awarded.

Biorecognition decided to make a wiki to improve the HSE in the group. In this wiki we have tried to collect all protocols, instruments, and techniques used by the group. Each protocol has links to Material Safety Data Sheets, instruments used, and who to ask for assistance. A risk assessment is also included. The advantage of using a wiki is that the information is easily shared with all users.

We decided to use the wiki service provided by the central IT department at the university: http://webhotell.uib.no/webhotell-tilbudet-ved-uib/wiki/