Climate Dynamics

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The main focus of the climate research at the Geophysical institute is the the role of feedback mechanisms between sea ice, oceans and the atmosphere in natural climate variability, and how these relationships may change with the increasing greenhouse effect.

We also work on improving the understanding of the hydrological cycle and how this may change in a warming climate.


New journal

Say hello to Weather and Climate Dynamics!

Camille Li is editor for the new open-access EGU publication.

New research

New observations will influence how we interpret paleo-climate archives

A newly published study in Nature Communications shows an important new understanding of the climate system that will allow us to better understand past climate variability. The results were uncovered by expeditions between the North Pole and Antarctica.

New research

The rising importance of pan-tropical interactions

Did you know that the El Niño Southern Oscillation is a phenomenon involving two-way interactions among the tropical basins? Noel Keenlyside writes about a recent study he has contributed to.

Isbjørn på Svalbard

Svalbard has experienced warming of 4°C the last 50 years

Since 1971 Svalbard has experienced a winter warming of 7°C. This has caused major changes, and there is an urgent need to plan for the future, states the new “Climate in Svalbard 2100” report.