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FIDE report: Topic 3

The Research Group's contribution to Topic 3

Associate Professor Ronny Gjendemsjø and Postdoctoral fellow Ingrid Margrethe Halvorsen Barlund have, together with Professor Eirik Østerud, at the University of Oslo, written Norway's contribution to Topic 3 on "EU Competition Law and the Digital Economy - protecting free and fair competition in an age of technological (r)evolution)".

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Main content

In the report, it is emphasised that Norwegian competition rules have not been altered after the digitalisation of the economy. The Norwegian Competition Authority has, however, recently received instruction to prioritise surveillance of the digital economy. There are still few cases on anticompetitive behaviour in the digital sector, which leads to a certain degree of lacking competence on the use of certain analytical tools.

The report considered the existing legal sources on the subject and focuses, amongst other things, on merger cases in the telecom-sector, as well as on the Telenor-case, on the abuse of a dominant position. Additionally, the report considers the Ski/Follo Taxi-case, about the restriction of competition by effect, as well as other examples on digital markets where the Norwegian Competition Authority has aimed at protecting competition, like the ebook market and the a-grocery market.

This year's FIDE report was divided into three topics: 

Topic 1: “National Courts and the Enforcement of EU Law – the pivotal role of nationalcourts in the EU legal order.”

Topic 2: “Data Protection – setting global standards for the right to personal dataprotection.”

Topc 3: “EU Competition Law and the Digital Economy – protecting free and faircompetition in an age of technological (r)evolution).”

The Research Group contributed to the first and third Topic.

The General Rapporteur for Topic 1 is Professor and Jean Monnet Chair in EU law, Michael Dougan, at the University of Liverpool.

The General Rapporteur for Topic 3 is Professor Nicolas Petit and Professor Pieter Van Cleynenbreugel, both at the University of Liège.

Forskergruppens bidrag til Topic 3