Development Geography

Livelihood vulnerability and adaptation strategies to flood

In my master project I study livelihood vulnerability and adaptation strategies to flood: A case from Kailali district, Nepal.

Til Prasad Pangali Sharma

Main content

Monsoon flood is one of the most frequently occurring disasters in the Tarai (plain) region of Nepal that accommodates more than half of the country’s population. The impacts of such natural disaster are not only determined by the intensity and frequency of the events, but also by the sensitivity of the exposed population. My project attempts to explore the sensitivity of the population in terms of their socioeconomic condition and physical and institutional infrastructure and thereby the nature and pattern of vulnerability to floods. In addition it also tries to explore local adaptation strategies to flood disaster.

Household survey, key informant interview, and group discussion are the major data production technique used in the project. The project employs Pressure and Release (PAR) approach as the analytical framework.


Field Work

I experienced my fieldwork  both as an event of challenges along with unlimited possibilities and opportunities. Working with new people in new situations remained quite exciting for me. Travelling to frequently flood affected area, I got a chance to observe indigenous adaptation strategies to flood as their livelihood activities.


Study Geography in Bergen

I have quite enjoyed the master program at University of Bergen, which offered the greatest avenue to fulfill my dream of attaining an international degree. The experienced lecturers and interactive seminar works helped me not only to enhance the understanding about geography but also to strengthen my confidence, group performance and practical skills.

Instructional materials and library facilities at UiB are very much impressive to all of us. It's also being memorable for me that I got opportunities to interact with many international students from all over globe, which enriched my learning in a diverse cultural environment.

I consider the University of Bergen as one of the best destinations for prospective international students for a master degree.



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