The Bergen Hypertension and Cardiac Dynamics Group

Subclinical cardiovascular organ damage in chronic inflammatory diseases

The risk of cardiovascular disease is increased in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases.

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In this project, knowledge regarding subclinical cardiovascular disease in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases is expanded. Included in the project are patients with chronic inflammation in joints, glands and skin. Examination methods used in the project include conventional and advanced echocardiography, carotid ultrasound, arterial stiffness and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.  

The project has internationally renowned collaborators both at the local, national and international level, including Professor Roland Jonsson at the Broegelmann Research Laboratory, UiB, Senior Researcher Anne Grete Semb at Diakonhjemmet Hospital, Oslo and Professor Valeria Valim, Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil.

PhD candidate: Anja Linde Grinde

Contact person: Postdoctoral fellow Helga Midtbø (habm@helse-bergen.no)