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Obesity and heart disease

Obesity increases the risk of heart disease.

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Fat associated cardiovascular dysfunction 

This project included 618 subjects with elevated body mass index but without known cardiovascular disease. The aim of the project is to explore prevalence and covariates of subclinical cardiovascular disease related to elevated body mass index and how this is modified by fitness. The participants underwent cardiovascular risk factor screening, imaging of cardiovascular function and testing of cardiopulmonary exercise capacity. Clinical Trial Registration: http://www.clinicaltrials.gov NCT02805478

We are planning long term follow-up of study participants. 

PhD thesis Hilde Halland 2019: Fitness in Fatness

Bertina Herfindal (medical student 2019-20): Concomitant hypertension is associated with abnormal left ventricular geometry and lower systolic myocardial function in overweight subjects 

Nadia Pristaj (medical research student 2017-): Subclinical cardiac dysfunction in obesity

Contact person: Eva Gerdts (eva.gerdts@uib.no)

Abbreviation: FATCOR

The FatWest Project

Fatwest (Bariatric Surgery on the West Coast of Norway) is a prospective study on the 5 years impact of bariatric surgery on weight loss, as well as cardiac and pulmonary function. In the Fatwest echocardiographic substudy, run at the echocardiography core laboratory at Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen, we examine the changes in heart function and geometry induced by severe obesity, as well as by surgery. In patients that experience a sudden, large weight loss due to surgery, we analyze if the functional and geometrical heart changes related to obesity are reversible. Special attention is given to the influence of gender, concomitant hypertension and diabetes mellitus on how the heart adapts to obesity and weight loss.

PhD candidate: Lisa Marie Dale Grymyr 

Project leader: Dana Cramariuc (dana.cramariuc@helse-bergen.no)

Collaborators: Saied Nadirpour, Johannes J. Hjertaas, Knut Matre, Bjørn G. Nedrebø