The Bergen Hypertension and Cardiac Dynamics Group

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Welcome to the Bergen Hypertension and Cardiac Dynamics Group

The Bergen Hypertension and Cardiac Dynamics Group integrates researchers from Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen and at Department of Heart Disease, Haukeland University Hospital who use echocardiography in clinical and experimental research settings. 

Professor Eva Gerdts is the group leader. Principal investigators are Professor Eva Gerdts, Associate Professor Dana Cramariuc and Postdoctoral researcher Helga Midtbø. Our main fields of interest are hypertensive heart disease, aortic valve stenosis, obesity, ischemic heart disease and sex differences in cardiac structure and function. In particular, we focus on the use of imaging in early detection of subclinical cardiovascular disease. Read more about us here. 

Post Doctor Helga Midtbø

Subclinical cardiovascular organ damage in chronic inflammatory diseases

The risk of cardiovascular disease is increased in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases.


Obesity and heart disease

Obesity increases the risk of heart disease.