The Bergen Hypertension and Cardiac Dynamics Group
The Female Heart in Hypertension

The Female Heart in Hypertension

Hypertension is a particularly important risk factor for heart disease in women.

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This project focuses on how blood pressure development in 40 year old women and men impact cardiovascular health 20 years later. The project is a new survey in the community based Hordaland Health Study (https://husk-en.w.uib.no/). Blood pressure and cardiovascular risk factors were measured in a total of 3700 persons born 1950-51 in 1992-93 (HUSK1) and in 1997-99 (HUSK2). These persons have been invited to a new, ongoing survey (HUSK3). In HUSK3 all participants will undergo cardiovascular examination with ultrasound of the heart and measurement of arterial stiffness.

The project is a collaboration with professor Grethe S. Tell and the research group Lifestyle epidemiology at Department of Global public health and Primary Care, University of Bergen.

PhD candidate: Ester Kringeland

Collaborators: Grethe S. Tell; Helga Midtbø

Contact person: Eva Gerdts (eva@gerdts.uib.no



The Individualized blood pressure treatment: a multidisciplinary approach to uncontrolled hypertension in order to reduce morbidity and mortality (IDA-studien) study is a national study performed at the university hospitals in Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim and Tromsø. In IDA we explore Norwegian women and men with uncontrolled hypertension. At our site in Bergen, the study is performed at Research Unit For health Surveys at the University of Bergen. Study participants will undergo 24 hours ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and ultrasound examination of the heart.

The IDA study recruits patients with uncontrolled hypertension despite treatment with at least 2 drugs. This problem is common, found in up to half of patients with hypertension, and associated with increased risk for cardiovascular diseases like stroke, heart attack and heart failure compared to those with well controlled blood pressure (<140/90 mmHg measured at doctors office).

PhD candidate: Arleen Aune

Collaborator: Ester Kringeland

Contact person: Eva Gerdts (eva@gerdts.uib.no) 


Primær hyperaldosteronisme og hjertesykdom

Primary aldosteronism is the most common cause of secondary hypertension, and a common cause of treatment resistant hypertension. Patients with primary aldosteronism are at increased risk of cardiovascular complication compared to those with essential hypertension. Less is known about whether this applies both to women and men.

In this study we examine the heart in 113 patients with confirmed primary aldosteronism referred from the regional center at Section for endocrinology, Department of medicine, Haukeland University Hospital. All patients will undergo 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and advanced ultrasound examination of the heart before and 1 year after targeted treatment.

PhD candidate: Arleen Aune

Collaborator: Marianne Grytaas

Contact person: Eva Gerdts (eva@gerdts.uib.no