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Request to take part in a needs-based epilepsy follow-up with Haukeland University Hospital, Neurological outpatient clinic and inclusion in the EpiReg epilepsy register

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Patients who are followed up for epilepsy at the Neurology department of Haukeland University Hospital have the option to register information about the illness and how they are doing digitally.We use the data from digital self-reporting to adapt our epilepsy check-ups to meet your needs.


Every 6 months you will receive an SMS containing a log-in link to the hospital's web-based self-reporting solution. Logging on uses level 4 electronic ID (Bank-ID). You fill in a questionnaire about epilepsy seizures, medication side effects, psychological symptoms, and other important information about your illness. If you report severe symptoms or a need for follow-up, an epilepsy nurse will get in touch with you promptly. If you report that everything is OK, no check-up will be arranged for you.

The report is filled in on a secure on-line portal that is provided by the hospital's subcontractor, CheckWare.

You can log onto the on-line portal from a smartphone, tablet, or PC. After logging on, you are taken straight to the questions to be answered. The answers are continuously saved. If you need to stop, you can carry on answering the questions later.. Once you have finished, click  “Send”. You will be sent a new notification via SMS when it is time for the next self-reporting session. If you no longer wish to use the self-reporting facility, you can contact the neurological outpatient clinic to have an ordinary follow-up arrangement. If you leave the request mail-outs unanswered twice, you will also be changed over to an ordinary follow-up arrangement.



This video shows you how our service works:


All patients being followed up by User-controlled follow-up are registered in our epilepsy register, EpiReg. This is a quality and research register that has been set up to provide better follow-up of patients with epilepsy, and also to improve our research.


Included patients are also given the option of reporting on their lives with epilepsy, focusing on mental health and quality of life. You do this by filling in an annual digital questionnaire on epilepsy-related quality of life. All forms you fill in as a participant in EpiReg are saved in your case notes and are available to the people treating you at the hospital.


If you would like to take part, please fill in the enclosed consent form. Return it either by post or by scanning it/ taking a picture and e-mailing it: epilepsiregisteret@helse-bergen.no

Postal address: Helse Bergen, Haukeland University Hospital, c/o Katrin Begall, the Neurology Clinic, Neurological outpatient clinic, Postboks 1400, NO-5021 Bergen


Would you like more information?

Contact the epilepsy nurse:

Katrin Begall epilepsiregisteret@helse-bergen.no