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The first joint PhD conference between ResClim and the Climate Research School at the Bolin Centre in Stockholm was held 28–30 September in and around Bergen.
The University of Bergen gathered its polar researchers for the Polar Day in September 2014. The goal of the meeting is to create a centre for polar research in Bergen.
Both Japan and Norway are maritime nations with many shared interests. In early June 2014, marine researchers from Norway and Japan meet in Tokyo.
A recent Bjerknes study shows that the Gulf Stream’s Arctic limb is constrained by its heat transfer from the south.
Outhreach is becoming an increasingly important yardstick for the relevance of scientific research.
Jacob Bjerknes, the father of modern weather forecasting, suggested a connection between European weather and temperatures in the North Atlantic. Fifty years later, the Bjerknes Centre in Bergen helps to prove that Bjerknes was right in his prediction.
A recent study by the PhD student Sigrid Lind shows that the northwest Barents Sea warmed substantially during the last decades.