EPOS-Norway SESF Workshop

EPOS-Norway SESF Workshop

Within the framework of the EPOS-Norway project, a dedicated web-portal is being developed. As part of this development, on 1-3 November 2017, EPOS-Norway project arranged a workshop in Bergen, where 25 students and scientists attended.

Workshop people
Karen Tellefsen

Main content

The workshop was the first of the planned activities of the SESF (Solid Earth Science Forum), organized for the purpose of creating a constant feedback mechanism for the developments of the EPOS-Norway web-portal.The goal of the workshop was to test the newest version of a software developed by CMR (Christian Michelsen Research), through dedicated exercises designed for solving relevant scientific questions. The Enlighten web-tool makes it possible to combine large data sets from different disciplines within Solid Earth Science, giving the users more freedom and new possibilities working with their research. The software enables explorative visualization, e.g. for extracting trends and outliers in the data. It also enables confirmative visualization for analysis of hypotheses. Moreover, it can be used for visualization for communication of research results to e.g. research peers, decision makers and the public.The workshop was arranged at hotel Scandic Bergen City, by EPOS partners from UiB, UiO and CMR. The first day of the workshop was optional, and dedicated to introducing Scientific Python. The second day, the participants applied Enlighten-web for solving scientific questions based on data from the Norland area. The data included parametric data from seismic networks and velocity data from GPS/GNSS, geophysical data and geological maps (WMS).The workshop was considered a success, with most of the participants indicating that this software could indeed be useful in their research. EPOS-Norway, CMR and the Solid Earth Science Committee (SESC) thanks everyone for their enthusiastic participation and valuable feedback.