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Towards a Global Framework for Health Financing

Launch of the special issue of Health Economics, Policy and Law entitled "Towards a Global Framework for Health Financing" edited by Trygve Ottersen, David Evans, Elias Mossialos, and John-Arne Røttingen. At the University of Oslo, April 4th.

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Sustainable Development Goals

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Universal health coverage and the UN Sustainable Development Goals are high on the global agenda, but the question is how it all can be financed. This special issue of Health Economics, Policy and Law concurrently addresses domestic financing of national health systems, joint financing of global public goods, and external financing of national health systems. On this basis, it discusses 20 recommendations for how to make progress towards a coherent global framework for health financing.

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Program (1645 - 1830)

Chair: John-Arne Røttingen, Director, The Norwegian Research Council

 Coffee/teaLight refreshments
 WelcomeAndrea S. Winkler, Director, UiO Centre for Global Health
 Introduction to the special issue "Towards a Global Framework for Health Financing"
  • Suerie Moon, Director of Research, Global Health Centre, the Graduate Institute Geneve,
  • Gorik Ooms, Professor of Global Health Law & Governance at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
  • Trygve Ottersen, Executive Director, The Norwegian Public Health Institute and Associate Professor, The Institute for Health and Society, UiO. 
 Recent costing of universal health coverage and global health securityTessa Tan-Torres Edejer, Coordinator of the Unit on  Costs, Effectiveness, Expenditure and Priority Setting  in the Department of Health Financing and Governance  (HGF), WHO in Geneva
 Norwegian development cooperation and health financingIngvar Theodor Evjen Olsen, Policy Director,The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
 Panel with critical perspectives
 Open discussion and concluding remarks 


The Norwegian Institute of Public HealthThe Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) and UiO Centre for Global Health.

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