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Launch of Disease Control Priorities Series

To celebrate the completion of the Disease Control Priorities 3rd edition, DCP-3 and The Lancet will launch the complete series in London Wednesday December 6.

DCP-3 launch
172 chapters across 9 volumes now makes the Disease Control Priorities 3 complete.

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From the official invitation

Our work on the current edition of Disease Control Priorities is nearing completion. DCP3 has been an entirely collaborative effort with valuable contributions from our 500+ authors, 230+ peer reviewers, 33 editors, and countless other supporters, we will close the year having completed 172 chapters across 9 volumes. This represents a significant achievement in extending both the breadth and depth of the global discussion on health system investments, intersectoral action, and the development of progressive pathways toward Universal Health Coverage.

We will be celebrating the completion of the series at a series launch, organized in collaboration with The Lancet:

When: 9:00 am - 1:30 pm

Wednesday | December 6th, 2017

Where: Grange Fitzrovia Hotel (20-28 Bolsover St, Fitzrovia) 

London, United Kingdom

The last volume in the series, Disease Control Priorities: Improving Health and Reducing Poverty, is now being published. Here, the main messages from the previous eight volumes are summarized. In addition, with a fair path to universal health coverage as the goal, 218 selected health-system interventions are defined to constitute essential universal health coverage (EUHC). A subset of 108 of these interventions, selected using more stringent criteria, are suggested as a highest priority package (HPP), constituting an important first step on the path to EUHC. A review of this volume is available in The Lancet.