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New WHO report published

A WHO report from the Consultative Group on Equity and Universal Health Coverage was published earlier this week. Global Health Priorities reseachers Trygve Ottersen and Ole F. Norheim were lead authors on the report entitled “Making fair choices on the path to universal health coverage”, with contributions from Frehiwot B. Defaye.


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The report is a consequence of international request for policy advice and technical support of implementing universal health coverage (UHC). The report highlights fairness and equity issues on the path to UHC, and offers practical recommendations in form of a three-part strategy.

The list of contributing authors is profound, and includes, excluding the before-mentioned names: Bona M Chitah, Richard Cookson, Norman Daniels, Nir Eyal, Walter Flores, Axel Gosseries, Daniel Hausman, Samia A Hurst, Lydia Kapiriri, Toby Ord, Shlomi Segall, Gita Sen, Alex Voorhoeve, Daniel Wikler and Alicia E Yamin.

The report can be downloaded from the WHO website.