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Addis Ababa workshop on ethical guidelines

Professor Ole Norheim and Associate professor Ingrid Miljeteig from the GHP research group participated in a workshop on developing ethical guidelines for limiting life-prolonging treatment for severely sick and dying patients at Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa March 3rd and 4th.

Black lion hospital
Workshop at Addis Ababa School of Medicine/Black Lion Hospital. March 3rd-4th. 2016
Ingrid Miljeteig

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Our research group and the clinical ethics committee at Haukeland University Hospital ( Ole and Ingrid ) has for two years been involved in a project together with the newly established clinical ethics committee at Tikur Anbesa (Black Lion) Hospital to develop ethical guideline for decision making processes concerning limiting life-sustaining treatment for severely sick and dying patients. After intense and fruitful discussions we have now developed and agreed upon a draft that will be developed further and sent to various stakeholders for comments, including the Ministry of Health. This workshop was funded by UoB, Haukeland University Hospital and CIRHT.