Global mental health
How to move the mental health agenda forward.

Relevant Seminar for GMH researchers: Global mental health as crisis preparedness and a development priority

Norad and the Norwegian network for global mental health would like to invite you to a seminar to discuss and debate how the mental health agenda can be moved forward. Refreshments will be served. Meet and greet from 8:30

Main content


  • Welcome and Introduction by Norad (10min)
  • Mental health as a priority. “Uncertain times and uncertain lives”. The role of mental health in UNDP Human Development Report 2020-21”. By Harald Thørud, UNDP Norway (15 min)
  • Universal health coverage for mental health. The special initiative for mental health and the role of primary health care. By Dr Alison Schafer, WHO (15 min)
  • The new suicide prevention strategy in Malawi as an example of multisectoral prevention. By Dr Michael Udedi, Malawi Ministry of Public Health (15 min)
  • Panel discussion: Better mental health systems is also crisis preparedness. How can mental health systems be transformed?Moderator: Dr Ragnhild Dybdahl (55 min)
  • Closing, by Staale Stavrum & Heidi Westborg Steel, Norwegian Mental Health Network on Global mental health (5min)

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