Human Geography
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Global development and inequality

In our globalizing world, natural resources, economic capital, political power and social justice are unequally distributed between poor and rich countries, and between powerful and marginalized groups within countries and local communities.

Globalization and inequality in Mumbai.
Misaal Mumbai (Rouble Nagi)

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Global challenges such as poverty, natural resource exploitation, pollution, climate change, population growth and migration are central in our courses and research. Our studies of complex issues in specific places in a global perspective highlight the challenges as well as the possibilities for reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Research Projects

Small Fish and Food security (SmallFishFood): Towards innovative integration of fish in African food systems to improve nutrition.

Enclaving: Patterns of global futures in three African cities

Mapping marine resource conflicts across sub-Saharan Africa: patterns, drivers and solutions for coastal communities (MARICA)