Human Geography
Master's project

Gender differences in urban mobility in the context of Accra

The working title of my thesis is: How can knowledge about gender specific mobilities inform in the planning processes for sustainable transportation systems in Accra, Ghana?

Lukas Hoose
Lukas Hoose is a student at the Master's Programme in Geographies of Sustainable Development.
Lucas Hoose

Main content

In my master project I want to research gender differences in urban mobility in the context of Accra, Ghana. Rapid urbanization in Accra has lead to traffic and transportation challenges like enormous rush hour traffic jams. There are plans and approaches form the government to deal with those challenges.

With my research I aim to gain deeper understandings about the historical and cultural gender patterns in urban mobility in Accra. From here I wish to analyze if and how this knowledge about gender specific mobilities is included in those plans for future urban transportation systems in Ghana.


Because of the difficult circumstances caused by the global pandemic sadly I am not able to conduct actual fieldwork in Accra for now. I therefor plan to rely on online interviews with experts and actors in Accra. Online surveys with students at the University of Ghana could be also an option. In addition, I will be using secondary data like official government plans and media articles.

Studying geography in Bergen

The facilities at the department with two study rooms exclusively for master students give a perfect work place. At the department the teaching personal and people are very nice and generate a very welcoming atmosphere for students. The amazing landscape surrounding the city, the trainings centers and various student organizations give enough opportunities for a good study-life balance.

So all in all I am very happy that I chose to study geography in Bergen because it is a beautiful city and a perfect place for students.

My advice to new students

Bring waterproof shoes and a good rain jacket! And don't be afraid to just talk to the people at the department if you need help, ask questions and ask for support. Everyone is very nice and the teaching staff really wants to support the students.