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My project is focused on understanding impacts of environmental conflicts with focus on oil and gas refining in Africa.
My PhD project aims to advance the understanding of the feasibility of deploying emerging technologies to meet climate targets.
In my PhD, I explore the current state of and potential for collaboration in urban logistics.
Congratulations to Devyn Remme who was awarded the prize for the most innovative master thesis in Human Geography for 2022!
PhD Candidate Randi Elisabeth Taxt presents her PhD Project.
In this project, I trace the value chains of the Li-ion batteries upon which EVs depend.
The working title of my thesis is: How can knowledge about gender specific mobilities inform in the planning processes for sustainable transportation systems in Accra, Ghana?
For years Edwige Yekple used to walk past the area where she is now doing research. One day, however, the gated community in the middle of the village caught her attention. Asking herself “why is there a gated community inside the village?” Edwige started developing her research project. Gradually, she became both a researcher and an interlocutor of her own project.
In her master's thesis, Maïlys Rouillé studies the important contribution of cross-border fishtraders to food security in Ghana and its surrounding countries during the COVID-19 crisis.
There is a vacancy for a PhD position at the Department Geography. The position is funded under the UiB strategic priority area Global Challenges.
The interdisciplinary research project Urban Enclaving Futures explored during its second workshop how enclaving is found in various forms around Accra’s urban spaces – from population dense informal settlements, to grand but empty gated cities, to the green and quiet University campus.
The future is urban – and the future is already here!