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Transfeed: Driver Behaviour and Emissions

Traffic conditions and how vehicles are used has big impact on emissions from the transport sector. Driver behaviour will now be investigated in TRANSFEED. The main purpose of TRANSFEED (ITS for sustainable Transport: In-vehicle Feedback on eco-driving and external costs) is to find solutions for sustainable transport.

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Background for the project: The transport sector is one of the the biggest polluters in the world. Despite increasingly strong restrictions on emissions from new vehicles and intentions to reduce real CO2 emissions from cars that run on fossil fuels, local air pollution remains a major environmental problem.

The purpose of TRANSFEED is to map in-traffic driver behaviour and study whether/how direct feedback to drivers from an electronic driver support system can help. TRANSFEED will develop and test two types of feedback

  • Enery efficient driving
  • Societal costs of transport

A road price per driven kilometer, differentiated from factors that reflect societal costs (such as emissions and travel time and location) is in theory an effective way to reduce emissions by, among other things, reducing the number of car travels and travel time and destination.

On the other hand, real success is uncertain and there are few empirical studies in the area. Feedback from Energy efficient driving and Societal costs of transport will thereby provide valuable knowledge in the effort to reach Norway's environmental and climate goals.

This is a research project funded by the Norwegian Research Council, project number 283390.

Author:  project leader Ingrid Sundvor

Source: https://www.toi.no/transfeed/