Quantifying the impact of a Blue Arctic.

Erlend takes PhD in Climate Dynamics and his project deals with how a socalled Blue Arctic will affect the climate at high and mid-latitudes.

Name: Erlend Moster Knudsen 

Age: 26

Education: Bachelor in Meteorology and Oceanography, Master in Climate Dynamics at the University of Bergen

Takes PhD in: Climate Dynamics

    Supervisors: Tore Furevik, Yvan Orsolini, Nils Gunnar Kvamstø and Thomas Spengler



      Why did you choose to study meteorology?

      To take a master in climate dynamics, which I chose due to my love for the wilderness and concern about the health of Mother Nature


      Why should new applicants to UoB choose to study meteorology?

      Simply the best place to study it. Just look outside your window.


      Why did you choose to take PhD?

      I'm idealistic and want to make a difference. I want to contribute in the bigger picture.


      Tell about your PhD-project.

      The primary objective is to quantify the impact of the Blue Arctic on the climate and climate variability at high and mid-latitudes. Currently, I'm working on a paper in which we want to explicate the relationship between Arctic sea ice extent, storm tracks and the Beaufort Sea High during summertime by examining the storm tracks and the Beaufort Sea High in summers of anomalous Arctic sea ice.


      What is the best thing about taking a PhD? What is challenging?

      Getting the possibility to meet many interesting people from various scientific fields (climate research is interdisciplinary). It is also great to be in a field that many seem to have an opinion over. This is also the main challenge: to stay objective and patient when you meet unfounded statements.


      What are your plans after completing the PhD?

      Possibly a Post-doc abroad (Germany next?) or take a position with a strengthened focus on outreach and use of current knowledge.


      Do you have some advice to master students considering taking a PhD?

      Go for it! As long as you are independent and motivated, there are many possibilities and advantages of doing so - not only coffee breaks.