Regional Climate Development Under Global Warming

Increase in number of days with precipitation above 50 mm

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RegClim is a project developing different scenario for the climatic evolution in the Nordic region, adjacent ocean and parts of the Arctic in case of global warming. A goal is to indicate uncertainty linked to the scenario and physical processes important for the climate in our area. The project is divided into 5 parts, each with its own subsidiary goal:

  1. Develop regional scenario for atmospheric variables based on results from acknowledged global models.
  2. Develop regional scenario for the climate development in the ocean and the Arctic based on results from acknowledged global models.
  3. Increase understanding of how processes in the ocean affects the global and the regional climate.
  4. Calculate the effect on the global climate by atmospheric aerosols, and then estimate uncertainties in regional scenarios.
  5. Develop method to be able to investigate uncertainties linked to greenhouse gases and the effect of particles.

Five Norwegian institutes participates:

More information: RegClim