Geohazards, Climatic Change, and Extreme Weather Events

In this project scientists from five institutions have cooperated to investigate relations between climate and avalanche/landslide, how it will develop in the following 50 years, what avalanches/landslides, and the danger of, will cost the society and how the society can respond to this problem.

During the project, GeoExtreme has investigated the following:

  • Which meteorological elements can trigger avalanche/landslide and if they vary in different parts of Norway.
  • How the triggering weather elements will change with a changing climate.
  • How the hazard in different parts of Norway will change.
  • How altered danger of avalanche/landslide will change the socioeconomic effects.

The results show among other things that the frequency of avalanches will increase in parts of Mid-Norway, and that the rate of landslides can increase in large parts of Norway from Tr√łndelag and northwards. Great parts of southern Norway will get small or no frequency changes, even though the climate would lead to more extreme weather. Common sense and respect for the law regulating construction may prevent most damages.

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