Environmental Physics in Tibet

Automatic Weather station raised at 4400 masl September 2005. From left to...
Automatic Weather station raised at 4400 masl September 2005. From left to right - A Tibetan worker, Øyvind Frette and Jacob Stamnes (IFT, UiB), Caidong (Phd-student), Yngvar Gjessing (GFI, UiB)

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Environmental Physics in Tibet (EPT) is a cooperation project between University of Bergen (Geophysical Institute and Institute for Physics and Techonology), Tibet University and Meteorological Bureau in Tibet. The project consists of an education part and a research part and educates Tibetan scientists on master and phD-level within physics and geophysics. During several sub-projects, measurements related to weather and climate are made in Tibet, and several research stations have been put up, in cooperation with the University in Tibet. The project is a part of Network for University Co-operation Tibet - Norway


During EPT, the following PhD- and Master-students have graduated at GFI:


  • Droma Basang: Snow cover distribution and variation in Tibet (2018)
  • Caidong: Glacier response to changing climatic condition - The role of circulation variability and long-term trends over the Tibetan Plateau, China (2008)
  • Pu Bu Ci Ren: Solar ultraviolet radiation on the Tibetan plateau: Measurements and modeling (1998)


  • Wangdui: Reconstruction of Glacier Mass Balance and Sensitivity Tests to Climate Change - A case study of Ålfotbreen and Nigardsbreen (2011)
  • Dekyi Yangzom: Modeled and Measured Solar Radiation in Tibet (2010)
  • Dronga, Dechen: Study of air pollution in Lhasa, Tibet. Temporal and spatial variations and the effect of meteorological parameters (2007)
  • Droma Basang: Investigation snow cover over the Tibetan Plateau during 2003 - 2006 (2007)
  • Pubu Tundrop: Forecasting monsoon precipitation on the Himalayan slope and Tibetan Plateau using MM5 (2006)
  • Caidong:  Mass balance of Nyainqen Tanglha glacier, Tibet, 1977 to 2001, derived by topographical maps and satellite images (2004)
  • Wang La: Climate Variability over the Tibetan Plateau (2003)
  • Gylsang Dronma: Solar radiation climate of Lhasa (2003)


Duration: 2001 - 2018

Contact at GFI:
Asgeir Sorteberg
Jan Asle Olseth
Knut Barthel
Yngvar Gjessing