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Cessa Rauch hired to assist on our new project "Sea slugs from southern Norway"

Cessa Rauch concluded her PhD on sea slugs kleptoplasty in April 2018 at the University of Dusseldorf and has now joined the research team of our Norwegian sea slug project

Cessa Rauch
Cessa Rauch
Cessa Rauch

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Cessa Rauch is natural from the Netherlands and has concluded last April her PhD at the University of Dusseldorf in Germany with a project on kleptoplasty in sacoglossan sea slugs. She has joined since the 1st of May the research team of our most recent project on the diversity and barcoding of the sea slug’s fauna of southern Norway. Cessa has been mostly focused on the order Sacoglossa and will be now a key player on this project planning and coordinating all sampling activities, barcoding, as well as the curation and databasing of the new sea slug collection.