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The systematics of Haminoeidae snails

Systematics of Haminoeidae
The systematics of Haminoeidae
Systematics of Haminoeidae

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A molecular phylogeny of the gastropod family Haminoeidae sensu lato (Heterobranchia: Cephalaspidea): a generic revision

Trond R. Oskars, Chin Chin Too, David Rees Paula M. Mikkelsen, Endre Willassen and Manuel António E. Malaquias


Fourteen genera were recognised; one genus (Vellicolla gen. nov.) is described as new and an additional fifteenth group was identified, but no species could be formally ascribed to it and therefore remains unnamed (here designated informally as mini-haminoeids). The relationships of genera are discussed and seven deep clades have been identified but are not formally named because of lack of recognisable synapomorphies for several of them. A new classification for Haminoeidae is proposed including 14 valid genera and one informal group.