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The 12th National Norwegian MR Meeting (MR 2012)

The 12th National Norwegian MR Meeting will take place from January 10th to 11th, 2012.

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The 12th National MR Meeting will take place from January 10th to 11th, 2012. The meeting is planned to be arranged at Raddisson Blu in Nydalen in Oslo conveniently located very close to Nydalen Subway/Tube station.

The plan is to continue the successful integration of animal and clinical MRI science from the 11th National NMR meeting together with the NMR science in biochemistry, organic chemistry and many other fields. A separate session of liquid and solid state metabolomics MR is planned. A session of NMR and biologically active substances found in the Marine environment is also under planning. NMR in Material Science has as always its own session. Furthermore it is planned to increase the numbers of "teaching" lectures which will start each session. Since (N)MR research is broad and many of us do not know too much about our colleagues work this can be a way of strengthening collaboration. We plan to split up and use the late afternoon and early evening of Januay 10th to visit MR labs at the Oslo University Hospital, the SINTEF solid state NMR laboratory as well at the University of Oslo NMR Center at Blindern.


Check out http://www.nsmr.no/NSMR/MR2012/index.html for more information.