NMR spectroscopy

Doctoral thesis

An overview of PhD theses from the NMR group.

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  • Signe Steinkopf, 1996
    "Nuclear magnetic resonance studies on cyclic arsenites and alkanes"
  • Nils Åge Frøystein, 1993
    "Sequence-selective interactions of DNA and metal ions: NMR studies of the interaction of divalent transition metal ions with oligodeoxyribonucleotides"
  • Willy Nerdal, 1990
    "DNA solution structure determination: refinement of NMR-derived distance geometry structures, by NOESY spectrum back-calculations"
  • Trond Brekke, 1990
    "Application of multivariate analysis to carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of mixtures"
  • Ingrid Stokkeland, 1986
    "Self-association of nucleic acid constituents studied by thermodynamic and nuclear magnetic resonance methods"
  • Einar Sletten, 1979
    "Metal-nucleic acid interaction: structure and bonding in copper(II) complexes of N(9)-substituted purine"
  • Per Albriktsen, 1978
    "Nuclear magnetic resonance studies on ethylene and trimethylene sulfites and related compounds"
  • Dagfinn W. Aksnes, 1976
    "Nuclear magnetic resonance studies on cyclic arsenites and alkanes"