NMR spectroscopy


The NMR labs at UiB uses Lab-IT for data storage and remote access. Lab-IT will ensure that insecure and vulnerable instruments can be safely connected to the UiB network.

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At the NMR instruments we use Lab-IT for data storage and remote access. The NMR staff can give you access to storage server upon request. The NMR data are synchronized to a central server every fifth minute. All users have read access to this server. You need to copy the data to your own computer for processing. The path to the server is: 


There are five folders on the server:

  • lnmr600010 – 600 MHz at NNP
  • lnmr850011 – 850 MHz at NNP
  • lnmrcen011 – 500 MHz wide-bore
  • lnmrrut010 – 500 MHz routine liquid state
  • Felles– Various common documents

More information at help.uib.no: LAB-IT Get access to storage area

If your data are sensitive use non-descriptive names or at NNP store the data in the folder c:\Bruker\nmrdata_nobackup. Data in this folder will not be backed up.

The 600 MHz and 850 MHz spectrometers at NNP can be controlled remotelythrough remote desktop. Only super users are allowed this privilege. No remote accessis allowed when you do not have an active booking.

For Lab-IT user guides, check out the information at hjelp.uib.no.