NMR spectroscopy

The Norwegian NMR Platform

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The Norwegian NMR Platform will be hosted by the Department of Chemistry, University of Bergen, in collaboration with UiO and NTNU, among others. At UiB a 850 MHz spectrometer will be installed in February 2016.  UiO and NTNU will get their 800 MHz spectrometers in the Autumn 2015.

The new platform will provide a much needed and anticipated upgrade in the Norwegian NMR infrastructure, bringing Norway back on level with the rest of Europe. The NMR researchers will with the new equipment be able to study more complex systems, e.g. larger proteins.

The establishment of the Norwegian NMR Platform was made possible by the collaboration between UiB, UiO, and NTNU.  The writing group consisting of Frode Rise (UiO), Øyvind Halskau (UiB), and Finn L. Aachmann (NTNU) has, together with project manager Willy Nerdal, been essential in the application process.