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Presentations at the World Congress for Neurorehabilitation in Philadelphia

The Physiotherapy Research Group participates at the WCNR in Philadelphia, 10 - 13th May, 2016.

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The 9th World Congress for NeuroRehabilitation, WCNR 2016, will be held in Philadelphia on 10-13 May 2016. It is the most important congress for the neurorehabilitatin commmunity. This year's theme is  “From Science to Society”, it will cover both inspiring innovations in neurorehabilitation and their societal impacts. Neurorehabilitation has been one of the focus areas for the Physioteherapy Research group. Members of the group will participate with the following presentations:

Poster presentations

Bente Gjelsvik
Trunk control and lesion locations: relationship and hemispheric differentiation in acute stroke
Date: Tuesday, 10. May 12.45 - 17.00 poster board 062

Mona Aaslund
Longitudinal study investigating the association between severity, disability and physical function at baseline with walking speed six months post-stroke
Date: Wednesday, 11. May 12:45 - 17:00

Oral presentation

Iris Brunner
Is upper limb Virtual Reality training more intensive than conventional training for patients in the subacute phase after stroke?
Date: Tuesday, 10.May 14.20  Oral communications 4

All abstracts can be found here: http://wcnr2016.org/scientific-information/poster-abstracts-pdf-with-board#.VxTDDU1f3DA

Information about the congress here: http://wcnr2016.org/