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Indo-Norwegian Workshop on Computational Challenges and Modelling of Coupled Processes in Porous Media

We are organizing a one and half-day workshop on Computational Challenges and Modelling of Coupled Processes in Porous Media. This is being organized under the Project SPIRE funded by the University of Bergen that aims at developing collaborations between India and Norway. The objective of this workshop is to discuss some of the recent results in the modeling of coupled processes in porous media and the computational challenges and the future directions.

Kundan Kumar

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Online participation.

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Speakers and titles.

Jan Nordbotten (Bergen)
Mixed-dimensional PDEs for fractured porous media.

Vivek Buwa (IIT Delhi)
Pore-resolved volume-of-fluid simulations of two-phase flow in porous media: pore-scale flow mechanisms and regime map.

Cecile Daversin-Catty (SIMULA Oslo)
Mixed-dimensional coupled finite elements in FEniCS.

Tomas Roubicek (Charles University in Prague and Czech Academy of Sciences)
Viscoplastic elastodynamics and poro-elastodynamics at large deformation.

Alex Hansen (NTNU Trondheim)
Handling viscous fingers in two-phase flow in porous media.

Florin Radu (Bergen)
On splitting methods for poromechanics.

Aditya Vyas(IIT Kharagpur)
Modeling Early Time Rate Decline in Unconventional Reservoirs Using Machine Learning Techniques.

Neela Nataraj (IIT Bombay)
Lower-order FEM for plates.

Sarah Gasda (Norce Research Bergen)
Coupled modeling and simulation of trapping and migration mechanisms in CO2 storage.

G P Raja Sekhar (IIT Kharagpur)
Review on coupled Stokes – Darcy/Brinkman models – the dilemma at the interface.

Brijesh Yadav (IIT Roorkee)
Movement of LNAPL under dynamic Groundwater Flow Conditions.


Kundan Kumar
Department of Mathematics, University of Bergen, Norway

Himanshu Sharma
Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

Pratibhamoy Das
Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology, Patna, India