Quaternary geology and Paleoclimate
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Climate scientists take sediment cores on Svalbard lakes

“We have been trying to do this trip for five years and we have had a lot of issues with ice,” says expedition leader Jostein Bakke, head of the Quaternary Earth Systems group at Department of Earth Science

Jostein Bakke
John Wendle

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Lake Ringgåsvatnet is important because it is an unfrozen body of fresh water in the extreme north of the planet, warmed by the tail end of the Gulf Stream. Also, it is fed by only one ice cap and its bottom sediments have not been scoured clean by a glacier, so it has a clear historical signal.

Now National Geographic made an artickle about the team (Jostein Bakke, Eivind Støren, Torgeir Røthe and Willem van der Bilt) - Read more from National Geographic here!!!