Research Group in Social Pharmacy

Social Pharmacy in International Innovation

Social Pharmacy research from Bergen is presented in the March edition of International Innovation, a publication which disseminate international research work to government bodies and potential sponsors, as well as other research institutions.

Main content

Social pharmacy has been an area of research at the University of Bergen since the establishment of Centre for Pharmacy in 2003. The main focus of the research has been medicine use and patient safety. The main areas of interest for the research group is now within two vulnerable patient groups:

1) Use of herbal remedies in pregnancy - efficacy and safety.

2) Diabetes in long-term care - drug management and blood glucose monitoring.

The article gives a summary of the group's research in both areas, and also elaborate the background, challenges and achievements in our research by interviewing the staff of the group. A panel question about bypassing patent protections on drugs is also answered by the group in the same publication.

You can read the article and the panel discussion here (pages 22-24 and 81-83 resepctively). You can also download the article as pdf (column right side).

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