Advanced Climate Dynamics Courses

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Anne Jennings

Lecture 1: Records of past abrupt events from ocean sediments North Atlantic

Lecture 2: Ice sheet-ocean interactions during GIS deglaciation

Alan Condron

Lecture 1: High latitude freshwater forcing and climate change: a modeling perspective

Lecture 2: Improving ice sheet - ocean interactions: Simulating icebergs in climate models

Jake Gebbie

Lecture 1: Linking surface climate change to the abyssal ocean

Lecture 2: Arctic to North Atlantic Ocean connections over the last deglaciation

Julie Brigham-Grette

Lecture 1: Plio-Pleistocene high latitude climate variability from Lake El'gygytgyn — and Arctic-Antarctic drivers

Lecture 2: Arctic Climate evolution — archives of millennial change and sensitivity

Kerim H. Nisancioglu

Lecture 1: Role of DO-events versus H-events in high latitude climate variability

Lecture 2: Global imprint of DO- and H-events

Lev Tarasov

Lecture 1: What governs ice sheet evolution?

Lecture 2: Does ice dynamics matter?

Ray Bradley

Lecture 1: Terrestrial archives of abrupt change

Lecture 2: Norse settlers in the North Atlantic: history, archeology and paleoclimate

Tore Furevik

Lecture 1: The role of the Arctic in present-day climate variability

Øyvind Paasche

Lecture 1: Ice or no Ice or just cold Ice