Advanced Climate Dynamics Courses

Program for ACDC 2014

The program is now starting to take form. Below you can see a tentative schedule of what the program for summer school will approximately look like.

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Half of the students will arrive in Ilulissat, Greenland on Friday 15. August to conduct a research cruise in the fjord outside the Jakobshavn glacier. Some of the students will sleep onboard the boat while docked in Ilulissat, while the others will be lodged in the town of Ilulissat. The rest of the students will arrive on Saturday 16. to joint the others. On Sunday 17. everyone will travel to Disko Island, where the bulk of the summer school will be held. Everyone will travel back together to Ilulissat on Friday 29. August with departure to Iceland on Saturday 30. August.  




Friday 15. of August arrival in Ilulissat. A boat will take us over to Disko Island early Sunday morning. For half of the group there will be field work Saturday and for the rest on Sunday onboard R/V Porsild in Icefjord adjacent to the Jakobshavn glacier (more info coming).


On Sunday evening there will be a social event/ice breaker.



Monday 19th - 24th of August: Fundamental lectures on key topics (2 core lecures per day followed by ample time for discussions/questions).


During the weekend we will have at least two full days (Saturday and Sunday) of field trip. 

 Sunday 17thMonday 18thTuesday 19thWednesday 20thThursday 21stFriday 22nd


Daily schedule for first week:

09:00-10:00Student summaries
10:00-12:00Core lecture 1
12:00-15:00Lunch and hiking
15:00-17:00Core lecture 2
17:00-18:00Student presentations




25th of August - 29th August: Advanced lectures on specialized topics (2 topical lectures per day followed by ample time for discussions/questions). 

 Monday 25thTuesday 26thWednesday 27thThursday 28thFriday 29th 


Daily schedule for second week: 

09:00-10:00Student summaries
10:30-12:00Topical lecture 1
12:00-15:00Lunch and hiking
15:00-16:30Topical lecture 2
17:00-18:30Topical lecture 3



Each day will start with summaries of the previous days lectures prepared by groups of students. This ensures that the main topics are understood and give the opportunity to pick up on any unanswered questions/topics.

In the first week we will also have time slots for short presentations by each student, where you can show a few slides describing your PhD work or current research topic.

Part of the time during the last two days of the summer school will be used to prepare a written summary/discussion of the main findings/conclusions of the summer school. This will later be submitted to an appropriate journal.

You can find all the daily summaries and the final submitted paper from previous summer schools on this www site.



On the evening of Friday 29th of August we will take the boat to Ilulissat.