Research School in Information and Communication Technology
Annual Meeting

ICT Research School Annual Meeting 2019

Every year the Research School in Information and Communication Technology invites to a seminar where the PhD candidates have the possibility to exchange research ideas and experiences, to build and broaden their research networks, and to improve their presentation skills.

Solstrand fjord view
Fjord view from Solstrand Hotel
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The ICT Research School's annual meeting is organized by and for PhD candidates enrolled in the PhD program at the Department of Informatics. The aim of this event is to strengthen networking and collaboration among the candidates, as well as to give them the opportunity to hold a seminar/lecture on an individually selected subject to complete 1 of the 3 required ECTS in the dissemination part of the training component.

Registration is now closed. You can find the agenda by following this link.

The following PhD candidates will hold a seminar/lecture on an individually selected subject:

  • Nikolay Keleyski, Side-channel attacks
  • Diana Davidova, Lattices and Bilattices
  • Benjamin Chetioui, Modern OS protection layers
  • Irene Villa, Data hiding
  • Navid Ghaedi Bardeh, The Boomerang attack
  • Sachin Valera, An Introduction to Knots
  • Emmanuel Arrighi, The Steiner Tree problem
  • Alessandro Budroni, Pairing-Based Cryptography and SOK
  • Zhaoran Zhou, An Introduction of Gene Co-Expression Network Analysis
  • Dan Zhang, Solving Learning with Noise problem: A decoding method
  • Ramin Hasibi, Resource Allocation for Dual Connectivity in 5G Cellular Networks
  • Laura Garrison, SpectraMosaic: An exploratory tool for the interactive visual analysis of magnetic resonance spectroscopy data
  • Isaac Andrés Canales Martínez, A brief history of a cryptographic record

If you have questions about the annual meeting 2019, please contact this year's organizing committee: Benjamin Chetioui, Isaac Andrés Canales Martinez, Wrya Kadir.