Shaping European Research Leaders for Marine Sustainability (SEAS)

Research possibilities for the MSCA SEAS postdoctoral research fellow in regulatory and governance challenges related to ocean sustainability

The information on this page is a supplement to the complete advertisement of the position in the recruitment-portal Jobbnorge. The full advertisement of this position in Jobbnorge will be available after august 1, and linked from this webpage. Call deadline is October 31, 2022.

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Key information

One position

MSCA SEAS postdoctoral research fellow at the Faculty of Law

Jobbnorge title

MSCA SEAS postdoctoral research fellows in regulatory and governance challenges related to ocean sustainability

Topical frame

Regulatory and governance challenges related to ocean sustainability


Associate Professor Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui


For an incoming or outgoing candidate

Unit of employment

Faculty of Law at University of Bergen

Group affiliation(s)

Research Group for Natural Resource Law, Environmental Law and Development Law/others dependent on research project


Thematic area and contact

This position is connected to the thematic areas of regulatory and governance challenges related to ocean sustainability. Applicants are encouraged to submit research proposals exploring the regulatory framework applicable to sea spaces, with a focus on maritime issues, marine sustainability, and offshore energy.

Applicants are recommended to focus their research proposals on specific thematic areas as described below.

The position is open to either an incoming or an outgoing candidate, see mobility rules. The successful candidate will be employed at the Faculty of Law with affiliation to the Research Group for Natural Resource Law, Environmental Law and Development Law.

For further details about the research possibilities please contact Associate Professor Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui, leader of the Research Group. Upon contact Anchustegui will direct interested persons to relevant potential supervisors who will be able to offer advice towards the development of a research proposal.

Research possibilities and resources

Technological development, increase in human population, and the intense utilization of marine spaces bring about the need to develop further expertise in the legal governance and management of these areas towards their sustainable use. Research challenges needing further research in the field of ocean sustainability range from jurisdictional and state responsibility matters to more technical issues, such as energy innovations and sustainability in decommissioning of offshore structures.

Based on these considerations, we seek research proposals focused on at least one of the thematic areas listed below. These have been chosen due to their legal relevance and synergies with our researchers and ongoing academic activities.

  • The role of sustainability in the Law of the Sea and state responsibility implications
  • The governance and regulation of fisheries, aquaculture, and seafood production
  • Legal instruments to contribute towards the sustainability of plans and projects in marine/maritime industries
  • Circularity, recycling, reusability, and repowering of vessels and/or offshore infrastructure
  • Sustainable maritime transport

Research projects are expected to be clearly structured and built around specific relevant legal research questions. Interdisciplinary aspects are welcome as vehicles to integrate different disciplines and perspectives when dealing with regulatory and legal issues.

The position is open to both incoming and outgoing applicants. Applicants must hold a PhD degree within Law prior to the application deadline. Alternatively, document that the thesis is defended successfully, or that the dissertation is currently being evaluated by the PhD evaluation body of your academic institution.

The primary objective of the postdoctoral position is to qualify the appointee for work in top academic positions. The UiB-contract may, under certain conditions, be extended by up to one year e.g., if the fellow is qualified to teach in compulsory courses at the master’s level at the Faculty of Law and/or if the faculty/research group/supervisor or fellow receives additional funding.

The successful candidate will be employed at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bergen with affiliation to the Research Group for Natural Resource Law, Environmental Law and Development Law (https://www.uib.no/en/rg/resource).

The Research Group for Natural Resource Law, Environmental Law and Development Law comprises ten full-time internationally active and renowned legal researchers devoted to areas tightly linked to marine and maritime sustainability. As part of the group, the successful candidate will join an engaged, ambitious and inclusive community that strives to become a point of reference in Northern Europe in cutting-edge legal research on ocean sustainability, management of natural resources, offshore energy and climate change. Furthermore, our research activities and interest are reflected in the faculty’s teaching portfolio. The Faculty has several courses directly relevant to marine sustainability, for example, Law of the Sea and its Uses, and International and comparative Energy and Climate Law.

Additionally, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to join other Research Groups within the Law Faculty and be affiliated to interdisciplinary centres and research initiatives at the University of Bergen such as the Bergen Offshore Wind Centre (BOW), the Centre for climate and energy transformation (CET) or the Bergen Center for Competition Law and Economics (BECCLE).

The Faculty of Law has a large international research network including Aberdeen University Centre for Energy Law, University of Aberdeen; The Center for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law, University of Eastern Finland, and The Florence School of Regulation, European University Institute. The post-doctoral researcher will have access to world class milieus in building her/his career through research collaborations, project development and eventual research stays. There are also opportunities to collaborate with the vivid marine and maritime industrial environment in the Norwegian Western Coast, regulatory and governmental agencies and other interest groups. Examples of these are: Maritime Bergen, the Institute of Marine Research (Havforskningsinstituttet), Vestland County Municipality, and various energy and maritime companies.

See the full advertisement in Jobbnorge

The full advertisement in Jobbnorge will be available from august 1, 2022, until call deadline October 31.

Important general information

Please be aware

  • That until August 1st 2022 (official call opening), the information on this page must not be considered as final, as adjustments may be done! There might also be minor adjustments in the Guide for applicants and the templates needed for applying.
  • That the application process is time-demanding and requires a close dialogue with name-given available faculty supervisor or contact who, close to the deadline, must sign a supervisor match declaration if an application is to be eligible.
  • That some fields of research, especially within sensitive technology areas, might be enforced by Norwegian and international regulations regarding Control of the Export of Strategic Goods, Services and Technology. Candidates who by assessment of the application and attachment are seen to conflict with the criteria in these regulations might be prohibited from recruitment to UiB.