Centre for Elderly and Nursing Home Medicine (SEFAS)
Visit to our Minister

Minister for the Elderly and Public Health asks SEFAS for input

The Minister wanted our views on how to improve palliative care for the elderly and people with dementia.

Bilde av SEFAS' leder og eldreministerens på sistnevntes kontor

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SEFAS, together with Age and Health, has answered to the latest "NOU 2017:16: About life and Death. Palliation for Seriously Sick and Dying" , calling for measures for multimorbid elderly persons with dementia. The Minister, Åse Michaelsen, noticed the response from Husebø and her collegues Knut Engedal and Geir Selbæk. Their response focus on lack of palliation for multimorbid old persons with dementia.

- The NOU is writing quite a lot about older persone with dementia, but there are no measures for this group of patiens, says Husebø.

The group is calling to prioritize knowledge based palliation for these patiens, hence calling for a prioritazion of the primary healt care services.

- I would prefere if a separate NOU for persons with dementia and how the municipal healt care services should provide palliation to this group.