Staff Mobility Week

Staff Mobility Week 2011

The second Staff Mobility Week in Bergen was held 6.-10. of June 2011.

Some of the participants visting the UiB research facilities "Espegrend"
A beatiful day at Espegrend when SMW-11 visited the research station to UiB.
Signe Knappskog

Main content

SMW-11 had a total of 40 participants. During the opening there was a presentation of the University of Bergen - the mariner university.
On Wednesday, we went on an excursion. First stop was the university research station for marine research at Espegrend. Next we visted the research center at Austevoll, and spend a few hours exploring Bekkjarvik.

In 2011, we offered a program with four tracks:

Human resources and equal rights
-Building competence: the role of the HR-department in the university organisation.
-Leader swupport and development
-Leader involvement - the issue of gender equality.
-WS: Gender equality and diversity
-Summary of WS and plenary discussion.

Research (project acquisition and administration)
-The EU office team: who are we, what do we do, how do we do it including targeted ERC work at UiB.
-Mobilising researchers for EU funding - challanges and actions we are taking (training programs at UiB).
-Academic research and Industry - partner or possible threat?
-EU projects post award phase.
-"EU manager" as professional title, ways of qualification, how do we know what we need to know

Student mobility and international relations in higher education
- Outgoing students
-Incoming students
-WS: International relations
-Summary of WS and plenary discussion

University libraries
-Program for the library group