Staff Mobility Week

Staff Mobility Week 2016

Staff Mobility Week at the University of Bergen from the 9th - 13th of May 2016.

Houses surrounding an old, narrow street
The narrow streets of Bergen is what remains of the medieval city today.

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This year we had 31 participants.

Vice Rector Anne Christine Johannessen held the welcoming speech.
Geologist Øystein James Jansen had a popular science presentation; "Bergen on the rocks".
During the week the participants were invited for a walk to Mount Fløien, a guided city walk and an all day excursion to Rosendal in Hardanger. 

SMW-16 offered three thematic groups:

The communication-program will have interdisciplinary presentations and workshops, which will include these fields of expertise: Web, Design, Media Relations and Editorial Office. It would be beneficial for you, as a participant to be a part of/affiliated with one or more of these areas, from your own communications/administrative department. Regardless, we believe there will be a lot to learn from this program; as well as what we believe we will learn from you.

The main theme was recruitment.
Subtopics:1. Streamlining the recruitment process: How is it done across Europe?
2. Recruitment methods for academic staff3. A focus on equal opportunities in recruitment

The Research administration group
The structure of our offices – how are we organized?
How are we connected to management and how do we work with other units?
Do the institutions have an EU strategy?
Strategies to acquire projects (i.e. coordinator projects, ERC, Marie Curie) and strategies to connect this to researcher education (PhD and post doc)
Excursion to a UiB department or faculty (t.b.d.)
Use of external resources like Brussels representation(s) or consultants