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New project on school choice in Europe

Admission Impossible? School Choice in European Cities

The project «Admission Impossible? School Choice in European Cities» received a 12 million Norwegian kroner grant from the Norwegian Research Council after this year’s spring-call. The Department of Sociology is recruiting a PhD candidate and a research assistant for the project.

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The research study is a pioneering development into school choice in Europe and consists of three integrated projects. The first project is a qualitative inter- and intra-national study of school choice politics in fourteen cities in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, and England. The second project uses a mixed-method approach to examine parents’ preferences for and experiences with choice in four cities in Norway, through a survey, in-depth interviews, and focus groups with parents from different socio-economic backgrounds. The third project is a quantitative study, which aims to examine the causal effects of school choice at the upper-secondary school level on academic achievement, ethnic segregation, and segregation based on socioeconomic background in Norway.