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Trial Lecture and Public Defence: Amany Mohamed Hamed Moussa

On 15th of December 2023 Amany Mohamed Hamed Moussa will defend her doctoral thesis for the PhD Degree at the University of Bergen

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Amany Selim

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The title of the thesis

“Activism Across Time and Place: A Study of Syrian Activists` Trajectories in Berlin and Oslo?”

Press release (in Norwegian) 

Trial Lecture

December 15th, 9.15 – 10.00 

Assigned topic: "How can we make sense of social facts empirically, taking into account their context in social and often geographical space and time?"

Public Defence

December 15th, 10.30 – 14.30


Ulrikes Aula, Ulrike Pihls hus


First opponent:

Professor of political sociology Olivier Fillieule, Institute for Political Studies , University of Lausanne

Second opponent:

Researcher Professor Kjetil Selvik, The Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

Leader of committee:

Professor Liv Syltevik, Department of Sociology University of Bergen

The public defence will be chaired by Professor Ann Nilsen, Department of  Sociology University of Bergen

The thesis is available in Bora