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Safeguarding the academic freedom goes on

On september 11th Alf G. Nilsen wrote an invited comment on the norwegian elections in the renowned British newspaper The Guardian. After this he received threats. - We are witnessing a development of society where we really need that different opinions come forward, and that people can participate in public debate without putting their own safety at risk.

Øyvind Stokke-Zahl

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After the threats were known, wide support was given from colleagues at the department and the commitment to academic freedom and freedom of expression was emphasised in a special petition of support.

- As academics we should be focused on the society overall. Unfortunately we see a culture in Norway where it is seen as legitimate to express hatred in the social debate, says Alf Nilsen in an interview with UiB's student newspaper, Studvest.

Read the full interview in Studvest here (norwegian text)

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