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Child Care in a Globalising World: perspectives from Ghana (BRIC 2012)

The book "Child Care in a Globalising World: perspectives from Ghana" got a good rewiew in the last issue of the journal AFRICA (Cambridge University Press). The departments own professor emerita Kari Wærness has co-edited the book.

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The first central theme in the volume is developed by Kari Wærness, who paves the way for analysing the Ghanaian example by focusing on Western feminist discourses and especially Nordic examples. While the Nordic countries’ levels of development are among the highest in the world, Wærness shows how the processes of globalization, as they restructure traditional patterns of childcare,generate conflicts and tensions even in these societies.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in the crisis of childcare in our fast-changing societies, where established practices of childcare are called into question and need to be restructured in order to adapt to new configurations.

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